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As always travelling, wherever you´re going to, a Travel Insurance against theft and loss is a good prevention. Also making photocopies of the important pages of your passport, and other important documents is a good idea.

Madrid is fairly a secure city, although petty crime (in particular theft) can be sometimes a problem and its victims are usually newcomers in town. As known, prevention is always better than a cure, so keeping an eye out for pickpockets and bag snatchers in the most touristy parts (specially around Plaza del Sol and other centric areas).

The average of victim's experiences denounced is similar to the average of other sites (USA, England and Wales).

All in all, we don't pretend to frighten you, on the contrary, being a tourist company, we thought that it would be a good idea just to prevent our users in case you're visiting Madrid. Travelling is lovely, Madrid is a charming city, and we'd like to encourage you to come and have a really good time.

The Ministerio del Interior español (home office/Department of the Interior) establishes prevention's plans of help to the turist, so much if you in the hotel or the apartment or in the thoroughfare. Department of the Interior recommend that the safeties boxes should be used in the hotels and to have precaution (not lose of seen the belongings, to monitor the bags in market places or buses) in any thoroughfare.

In case of theft, to call to the telephone of the State police (091) where they will attend you 24 hours a day.




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