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Some distractions

Some distractions

That Madrid is not surrounded by sea is somewhat obvious.

Nevertheless, what you cannot lay too much criticism on is the lack of beaches.

They do have them, though its horizon is not marked by an imaginary straight line. The truth is that the most are surrounded by the green mountain countryside. They are extremely popular; their sands-not as fine as that of their older sisters-are walked upon by many people of Madrid and their shores are located on the marshes and rivers of the community.

Our Community offers beautiful and natural spots in which it is also possible to do a little diving.

Here are some examples:


San Juan:
It is the closest thing we have to the sea in these parts. This marsh offers practically all types of aquatic activities and in its surroundings there are many spaces to spread out on. To get there, take the N-V and then the county road (comarcal 501) in direction of San Martín de Valdeiglesias.

La Pavera:
Situated 5 kilometers from Aranjuez, this beach of the Tagus River is an ideal place to take the young ones. The shallow water and slow current guarantees an enjoyable outing. Take the N-IV to Aranjuez and once there take the road to Soto Mayor.

The Comunidad de Madrid has opened a recreation area this year in this dam thanks to which we can enjoy a refreshing swim in a controlled and well cared-for area. It is located in the area of Buitrago de Lozoya, 76 kilometers on the N-I.

Las Presillas:
Created for the reestablishment of the Angostura Rio, its cold waters are capable of reviving even the most tired of spirits. The incomparable view that surrounds it forms the foot of the Guadarrama mountains. It is located next to the El Paular monastery, in Rascafría, where is it accessible by the N-I and then by the M-604.

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