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STEP 1 - DEMAND. You send us a reservation form, complete with details of number of persons, your arrival and departure dates, and any additional information you may need. Please state whether you want us to make a pre-booking or need only information.

STEP 2 - AVAILABILITY & PRE-BOOKING. We check availability, then answer you either with information about availability, or, in case you asked for a pre-booking, we notify you a pre- reservation has been made in your name.

In case the apartments required are not available, we'll inform you, or make an alternative proposal in terms of a pre- reservation in another apartment of similar characteristics, always subject to your approval.

In the same e-mail, Madrid On Line will give you all the information relative to the apartment:

  • Name/identification and address of the apartment
  • Owner's (or his representative) contact data
  • Details of the reservation:
    • Entry and departure dates
    • Total price
    • Booking conditions (pre- payment)
    • Etc…
  • The date until which we will hold the apartment for you without advance payment
  • Procedures to confirm the reservation

STEP 3 - ADVANCE PAYMENT. In case you are interested in confirming the pre-reservation, you will be asked to make a pre- payment, as a guarantee of your reservation. This amount is calculated as a fraction of the total cost of your stay. This amount is to be deduced from the total cost, and is only refundable under the terms of our cancellation policy (see conditions).

Depending on the apartment reserved, this amount has to be paid through a bank transfer or sending a credit card number.

Bank transfer: The money is sent directly to the owner's bank account or to Madrid On Line, depending on the situation. You must make the transfer, then notify Madrid On Line, faxing us a copy of the bank's transfer document at (+ 34) 93 317 11 55.

Credit Card: We'll send you a word document where you'll authorise the owner of the apartment or Madrid on Line to charge your credit card. This document will contain all information regarding the reservation, your name and passport, the credit card number (ONLY VISA or MASTERCARD), the expiration date of the card and your signature. You must fax it to us, dully filled and signed at (+ 34) 93 317 11 55.

Without being notified of the pre- reservation and pre- payment, we can only hold the pre-reservation for a limited length of time, generally 10 days from the date of our e-mail proposing you a pre- reservation. After this delay, Madrid On Line may cancel your pre- reservation. We'll then send you a cancellation E-mail. In case your arrival date is very close (less than 15 days), the delay offered may be much shorter than 10 days.

STEP 4 - CONFIRMATION. Once we receive notification of your transfer, or the credit card authorisation, we will send you an e-mail confirming your reservation and stating the amount still to be paid, as well as other instructions, such as who to contact upon arrival.

STEP 5 - ARRIVAL. Upon your arrival, according to your instructions, please contact Madrid On Line or the owner. To avoid unnecessary waiting and in case of delay, once you arrive to the airport or train station, we'll ask you to phone the owner's mobile phone. You will be asked to meet the owner at the apartment. Unless it has been agreed to charge the cost of your stay to your credit card, you will be asked to pay cash and in the local currency the total amount, including fees and deposit, minus the pre-paid quantity, so please have the money prepared!!!

Should you arrive out of working hours, we'll need to be informed at least one week before your arrival of your exact arrival time, in order to inform the owner and organise your reception.

STEP 6- DURING YOUR STAY. Should you find anything missing or in bad conditions in the inventory of the apartment, please contact us immediately. Should you accidentally alter anything in the inventory or break anything, or should anything malfunction, please contact us as soon as possible so we can settle things satisfactorily. Should you need anything else we can help you with, please contact us. Please try to contact during working hours and use mobile phones numbers only in case of emergency!

STEP 7- LEAVING. As a general rule, you must leave the apartment before 10am on your departure day. If no other guest is expected on this same day, and upon previous communication to the owner, we'll try to be flexible regarding the hour you leave the apartment (max. 8pm). The owner or his representative will come to check the apartment, get the keys and give you back the full deposit if no damages are done.

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