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A Warm Welcome to visitors and Business Partners:

Madrid On Line is happy to welcome you on its corporate pages and let you know a bit more about us.

We are proud we can count on millions of visitors that have supported us since early 1997, when Madrid On Line made its first appearance on the Internet.

We were born an interactive vertical portal, specialising in Madrid, and our declared mission was to provide information about our city, and to let users share experiences, through comments and votings.

But as months passed by, many users as you told us we had to do something more. That we had to become a more active party. They liked our philosophy and they trusted us.

We have tried our best to listen to them keeping our original identity and beliefs, while growing in services to a community made up of citizens. Citizens from Madrid, citizens of the world, and all type of companies.

We now define ourselves as an interactive vertical Internet portal, and a "click and brick" incoming travel agency, that puts new technologies and its people at the service of locals and visitors.

A bit pompous, isn't it? And what the heck does that really mean? Well, that what you will found with and through us is:

  • SPECIALISATION: travel, tourism, entertainment services and information.
  • LOCAL: Madrid and surroundings. We are true experts in our area.
  • ADDED VALUE: an easy and fast access to free information and services. With real professional people behind the screen, to provide a personalized service.

So we get involved with you and every user. And our Mission Statement is:


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